Everything you need to change your body and mindset is here

Finally achieve your ideal body.  Get strong, lean and toned using your own body without spending hours at the gym.

True strength comes from how well you can move your own body  This program was created with that in mind.  It is a total bodyweight training system designed to create balanced strength and increase your strength to weight ratio. 

Not only will you increase your metabolism and burn fat helping you to achieve your ideal weight.  You will also improve your energy, strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and coordination. You'll improve nearly every aspect of physical fitness and your entire body will move better.    

Balance your body while creating a well proportioned physique.  Supplemental exercise routines target specific areas such as abs, core, waistline, upper and lower back, postural muscles, hips, butt, chest, and shoulders.

Develop the look of an athlete, trained military or even a dancer depending on how you use it  You definitely won't look like a bodybuilder.  However, even if you are a bodybuilder (or any other kind of athlete) many of the exercises in the program can help you improve your other lifts and improve muscle definition.

Every precious second of your workout will be maximized.  Workouts are streamlined to contain the most effective, results oriented movements ordered in the most efficient manner. Exercises can be done anywhere at anytime with no exercise equipment.  


The mind body training contains a relaxation / visualization routine that will help you increase mental focus, reduce stress, and stay motivated to accomplish your goals using proven health and sport psychology strategies 

Beginner Full Body Weight Workout - All roads to fitness start here


Intermediate Full Body Weight Workout - A natural progression


Andrew’s Advanced Body Weight Workout - You will be strong, lean and focused once you make it through this program


Hard Core and Abdominal Series - Accentuate your Abs and Carve your Core with this routine


Fat Burning Interval Routine - Add this into your routine to burn fat faster


Lower body workout - Strengthen your legs and shape your hips, glutes (butt) and thighs 


Postural Program - A workout to strengthen, stretch and sculpt the muscles in your shoulders and upper back.  The exercises in this program will improve posture, and help prevent potential shoulder injury as well.  


Full Body Warm Up - A simple warm up to work the kinks out, get your joints moving, and your body ready. 


Full Body Stretch - An all around stretching program for improvement in your movement


Deep Relaxation Program - Accelerate the healing process, enhance performance, increase focus, reduce stress


Nutrition - Combine this with all workout programs


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