Finally achieve your ideal body without spending hours at the gym. Get strong, lean, and more defined with simple moves using your own bodyweight that you can do almost anywhere.


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True strength comes from how well you move your body  The Ideal Body Workout program was created with this principle in mind.  It is a total bodyweight training system designed to  increase your strength to weight ratio - along with creating a well proportioned, structurally sound and visually appealing physique.

You will increase your metabolism and burn fat, helping you to achieve your ideal weight.  You will improve every aspect of fitness - strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and coordination - allowing you to achieve your ideal body   

The Ideal Body Breakthrough workouts form the base of this program. There are also a number of bonus routines  that can be used to augment the Ideal Body workouts. These routines allow you to target specific areas such as abs, core, waistline, upper and lower back, postural muscles, hips, butt, chest, and shoulders.  These routines help you enhance your physique further to create a V taper for men and an hourglass for women.

These workouts will help you develop the look of an athlete, highly trained military professional or even a dancer - depending on how you use it  You definitely won't end up looking like a bodybuilder.  However, even if you are a bodybuilder (or any other kind of athlete) many of the exercises in the program will help you enhance your physique and performance since many of the moves are functional and train core and stabilizer muscles.. 

Workouts are streamlined to contain the most effective, results oriented movements sequenced in a highly efficient manner - allowing you to get more done in less time. Exercises can be done anywhere at anytime with no exercise equipment.  

The Ideal Body Breakthrough Training System

Beginner Full Body Weight Workout 

All roads to fitness start here.  A full body routine consisting of basic moves anyone can do that will help form your foundation of fitness.  

Intermediate Full Body Weight Workout -

A natural progression to bigger and better things.  Standard versions of some of the beginners exercises.  Use this program to create a smooth transition to the advanced routine, or use it as a maintenance routine..

Advanced body-weight workout 

You will be strong, lean and more defined once you master this advanced program.  Some of the most effective body weight strength training exercises that require no equipment are assembled in this program, The special sequencing creates an added effect.

Bonus Programs 

Fat Burning Interval Routine 

Add this into your routine to burn fat faster

Lower body workout 

Strengthen your legs and shape your hips, glutes (butt) and thighs 

Postural Program 

A workout to strengthen, stretch and sculpt the muscles in your shoulders and upper back.  The exercises in this program will improve posture, and help prevent potential shoulder injury as well.  Helps accentuate the V taper for men.  For women it helps  enhance the hourglass figure when combined with the lower body leg routine.

Full Body Warm Up 

Simple and very effective moves for loosening and relaxing stiffness and tension throughout your whole body.  Versatile, It can help you relax or get ready for activity.  Also helps balance and coordination.

Basic Full Body Stretch 

A quick effective routine that will loosen and stretch your entire body with a handful of simple moves. 

Nutrition Steps to Success

Some of the most powerful tools to seamlessly change your diet and eat more nutritiously

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Other Programs 

Hard Core and Abdominal Series 

Accentuate your Abs and Carve your Core with this routine.  This regimen has beginner through advanced.levels consisting of four phases.

Full Body Stretch 

An all around stretching program for improvement in your movement.  Not only will this program improve flexibility and help you relax - it will enhance your strength, balance, agility, and coordination as well.

Dynamic Stretch Routine 

This forms part of the base of the full body stretch routine and it also stands alone.  The dynamic stretch series is an athletic flowing sequence of stretches that will work your balance with an added strengthening effect a well .

Deep Relaxation Program 

Accelerate the healing process, enhance performance, increase focus, reduce stress.  Includes a mind body relaxation visualization routine to help you relax and focus.  

Relaxing Stretch Routine 

This routine consists of stretches that target common tight areas (like shoulders and back), stretches that help you bring more oxygen into your system, and stretches that have a relaxing effect.  This routine can be combined with any routine, but works especially well with the deep relaxation program..     


Combine this with all workout programs.  Includes multiple resources and tools for improving your diet.  Food log, self assessment guide, healthy food list, and more.  This nutrition program contains Nutrition principles page and Healthy eating hacks and time saving tactics, which are not part of the ideal body breakthrough nutrition steps to success bonus.

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